Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hollywood & Homebirth

 As you know, famous people have a ridiculous amount of responsibility.  They have to be very cautious about the words that they choose and the messages that they are broadcasting to the world.  When you are famous, your words are packed full of power; they can have a larger impact than, say, my words.  Like it or not, society holds these people up high and their influence can be great, both positively and negatively.

As you have probably heard, Evangeline Lilly had a homebirth.  By Hollywood bringing more attention to homebirth, it gets the message to the mainstream public that homebirth is a viable option.  I commend and congratulate her on her successful homebirth, especially after such a difficult labor.

She was recently interviewed on Jay Leno.  I have to say, I was very disappointed in what she chose to highlight from her birth experience.  Here she is, in front of a national audience.  She is beautiful, graceful and charming.  People listen to her, look up to her.  This was her chance to really make an impact.  This was her chance to set an example and get the word out.  Birth is natural.  Homebirth is safe.  Our bodies are made to do this.  There is nothing to fear.

She went on to tell America how long and difficult her labor and delivery were.  She was in labor for 30 hours, 8 of which were pushing.  I'm not making light of this.  This sounds extremely difficult.  She clearly worked very hard and the fact that she was so committed that she stayed home through all of this is truly amazing.  That took a lot of strength and courage. 

However, I would think that she would want to highlight the pride, euphoria and the high that occurs from a natural birth.  I wish she would have highlighted the rush of endorphins and the boost of energy that occurs when that baby finally arrives after a natural birth.  I would imagine this feeling of pride would especially be overwhelming after a 30 hour labor.  Why not talk about it?  I wish she would have emphasized that despite the pain, the work, the exhaustion, it was worth staying home; it was worth doing naturally.

Instead, I feel like she just fed into the mainstream belief that you should fear birth.  She perpetuated the fear that many American women possess, instead of being an example of why you shouldn't fear it. She had her chance to empower women but came up short.  It's really a shame.  Evangeline Lilly, thank you for putting homebirth on the front page of tabloids, but you blew it.

To read some quotes from celebs who didn't blow it, click here.

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  1. I agree! It would have been nice if she'd just said something, one teensy-weensy positive thing about having a homebirth. Obviously it was something important to her, otherwise, she wouldn't have chosen to talk nationally about it... she did blow it!

    I hope you're well!

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble


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