Sunday, February 12, 2012

Enzo- 22 months

 I can't believe Enzo is two months away from being two years old.  He amazes me every single day with the things he is learning.  His personality is so strong and he isn't afraid to show it.  He, as most toddlers are I'm sure, is so passionate.  He loves the things he loves with all that he has. On the flip side, he also despises some things so passionately, the neighbors a block away probably know about it.

Here are some of things Dude loves these days.

  • Horsie and Cow.  My Mom got Enzo a horse and a cow figure for Christmas.  He loves these animals so much.  He puts Play Doh hats on them and always says the horse is running on the beach.  He feeds them his breakfast and sleeps with them.  He makes them kiss and makes them ride his Thomas train.  Horsie and Cow are where it's at right now.
Horsie and Cow with hats on.
  •  Hats.  The kid loves hats.  They are his all time favorite accessory.  He sleeps with a hat on, wakes up with a hat on and switches hats routinely.  His hat collection is probably larger than my husband, brother, and father's combined.
Why wear 1 hat when you can wear 2?

  •   Caillou and Thomas.  He also likes Elmo and Mickey Mouse.  If any of these characters are on his shirt, he will refuse to wear a coat. 

  • His brother.  Enzo loves Massimo with all his might.  Literally.  He loves Massimo with such a force, it often makes his brother cry.  Enzo means well, he just has a hard time showing affection softly.  Instead, he grabs his brother's head and kisses his face, often making Massi lose balance and fall.  He's rough a lot of the time.  The other day, I caught him laying on top of him.  Massimo adores Enzo too, and wherever his older brother is, he follows.  I am convinced that's why 7-month-Massi is climbing stairs, crawling and cruising so easily.  He just wants to be like his older brother. It makes my world go round when I watch them playing nicely together.  The sound of them giggling in response to one another is all I need to be happy.  I swear, it's better than any drug on the planet.

  • Water.  Enzo is still very much into water.  He loves washing his hands and taking baths.  It often becomes a power struggle to turn the water off when he washes his hands.  If I let him, he would play with the water for hours.  HOURS. He also loves to help wash the dishes. 
  • Cars, trucks, trains and anything that goes.  He loves to beep the horn in the car.  Just so you know, I regret that anyone showed him that feature because he asks to beep the horn almost every time we get the car.   It's the cause of many, many tears.
  • Birthdays.  He is very intrigued by birthdays.  Don't show the boy a candle without being prepared to light it, sing happy birthday and let him blow it out.  Recently, one of Enzo's friends had a 2nd birthday party.  Everyone gathered around the cake, sang, and the birthday boy blew out the candles.  Everyone clapped.  Enzo cried.  And cried.  We had to light the candles and let him blow them out too.  Then, just the other day, we were talking about how his friend Ally's birthday party was approaching.  Later in the day I asked what he would like for lunch.  The response- Ally birfday cake.
  • Painting.  We paint almost daily.  Now, I am looking at new ways to paint just to keep it interesting.
I love who Enzo is becoming.  He is kind and very affectionate.  He often asks for hugs or will climb onto my lap and say love.  Hearing him say, "Wuv you, Mama." makes any bad day instantly good again.  He is pig headed and stands his ground.  It's frustrating now, but at the end of the day it's not always bad trait to have.  He is definitely not a follower and has no problem going off and doing something other than what the group is doing.  He is comfortable in who he is and I admire that about him.

Next up, planning a farm-themed birthday party!


  1. This post made me smile. I just love the things that toddlers grow attached to and enjoy doing. Like Enzo, Kale is totally obsessed with water and would wash his hands for hours if we let him. However, he does not share Enzo's passion for hats, which is too bad because toddlers in hats are adorable (Enzo is evidence of that!).

    Happy 22 months to the little guy :)

  2. Aw, they really are growing up way too quickly. It is so cliche, but they really are!


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