Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Craft That Took A Detour: Window Charms

 I have been saving paper towel rolls for a long time. I decided today it was time; the mountain of empty rolls needed to be tossed or used. There is so much you can make with empty rolls and my boys love playing with them.  I decided to keep them and start putting them to good use. 

Today I decided we would make paper towel roll snakes.  It's a cute little craft, one I thought Enzo would enjoy.  As we began working, the craft ended up going in a totally different direction resulting in a window charm or wind chime.  I really love the finished product and the process incorporated so many fine motor skills. 

pipe cleaners
paper towel roll
beads and/or pasta
(next time we'll also add some glitter and stickers to dress it up)

Step 1: Cutting the tube into sections and painting the tube segments

Step 2: Punching holes in each side of the tube and on both ends.  There should be 4 holes total on each segment. 
Step 3: Thread pipe cleaners through the holes and begin fastening the tubes together. 

Step 4: We threaded beads and pasta on pipe cleaners, which Enzo wanted to wear as a bracelet.  When he was tired of wearing the bracelet (he's fickle), I fastened it to the end of the chime for decoration. 

Massimo played in finger paints!

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  1. Oh, I love this! What a beautiful unplanned craft that came from TP rolls :)


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